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Talk to ReVision Energy.  It is possible to create a 100% renewable household.

ReVision Energy pairs Solar PV installations with air source heat pumps for all electric heating and cooling with battery back up too.

What Are Air Source Heat Pumps?  Come talk to N.E.T.R Inc.

Understanding options for reducing or eliminating fossil fuels from home heating and cooling systems.

Beyond the Bin. What's A Repair Cafe Anyway?  The Daily News

Reduce waste by “rescuing” broken items that otherwise would have been thrown away.

Discover Newburyport Green Expo Highlights In PortMedia Studio Interview

PortMedia Open Studios interview with Newburyport Green Expo Bill Clary to find out all of the greener, sustainable living businesses and savings opportunities at the Greater Newburyport Green Expo.

The Daily News Mentions Newburyport Green Expo Highlights

Join the dialogue on how the community can address important issues relating to climate change.

Come Join Us At The Green Expo Event.  Think Globally.  Work Locally. Act Personally.

Advancing "Net Zero Carbon" By 2030

New Buildings In Newburyport To Operate With Neutral Carbon Footprint.

Newburyport Joins National Grid Energy Efficiency Initiative

There's something worth saving for everyone.

It's Good For You and Good For the World. Talks Smart Recycling

Simple Tips to Help Save Money for Our City!    Come to the Green Expo

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This event is a great way to discover economical green products and smart energy saving ideas that you can blend into your everyday life to protect the planet for generations to come.


Green jobs benefit the economy and the environment, and include everything from alternative fuels to tasty food. 

Mark Iannuccillo, VP

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