Meet the Green Expo Team


The Greater Newburyport Green Expo is a group of volunteers who care deeply about the environment. Each team member donates his or her time and expertise to support the Greater Newburyport Green Expo agenda. The team meets weekly to discuss climate change solutions and green, sustainable products and programs of value for our community.

Bill Clary

Greater Newburyport Event Chair

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Art Currier

Environmental Stewards & Schools

  • Art Currier

Patricia Lang Skibbee



  • Patricia Lang Skibbee
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Molly Ettenborough

City & Speaker Engagement

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Jo Ann Clemens

Marketing Co Chair

  • Jo Ann Clemens

After participating in the historic Peoples Climate March in New York CIty in 2014, Jo Ann realized that activism and engagement was necessary in order to advance environmental and climate related issues.


Lori Fairbrother

Marketing Co Chair

  • Lori Fairbrother

You’ve heard it said, "your reach can extend with just 5 people you associate with. If 100 people can influence 5 others, that's 500 people who are more aware than before. Reversing adverse climate change effects is a tipping point that can happen."

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Steve Bentley

Graphic Designer, Marketer & Artist

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Steve believes in being a good custodian to the planet we live on, and that starting with your own actions is the best way to do your part.

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Myles Badger

Social Media Specialist

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The only way we can stop the effects of climate change is by coming together to develop solutions. Events like this Green Expo are a vital first step in that endeavor.


Linda Guthrie

Public Relations

  • Linda Guthrie

Linda believes each of us has a personal responsibility to be aware of our energy use and how it affects climate change, and she takes that to heart in her energy efficiency initiatives. Public awareness, outreach and education for energy efficiency has a singular opportunity today, with climate change dominating the news and public dialogue. 


Samson LeBlanc

Environmental Stewards &

Exhibit Hall Plan

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No single event makes a trend. Climate change is impossible to ignore. Together, we can make a difference. 

Let's start now.