Join the Conversation

APRIL 11th, 2019 From 4 to 8 PM

Auditorium Presentations:

Auditorium: Quick Talks 4 – 6 pm

4:00 pm – Mark Richey, Mark Richey Woodworking: “Creating and Running a Net Zero Business”

4:30 pm – David Hall, Hall and Moskow: “Considerations in House and Building Design and Renovation”

5:00 pm – Michael Strauss, Chairman, Newburyport Energy Advisory Committee: “5-Year Plan”

5:30 pm – Amber Hewett, Campaign Manager, Offshore Wind Energy, National Wildlife Federation

                    “The Case for Making Offshore Wind Power a Pillar of Our Energy Future”


Auditorium: Plenary Session 6 – 7:00 pm

6:00 pm – Bill Clary, Green Expo Chair: “Expo Opening, Welcome and Introductions”

6:05 pm – Mayor Donna Holaday, Keynote Address: “Net Zero Newburyport” --

                   Putting the City on a Path for Zero Waste and Carbon Neutral

6:15 pm – State Senator Diana DiZoglio

6:20 pm – Greg Jardis, President, Amesbury Industrial Supply Co., Inc.  

6:25 pm – State Representative James Kelcourse

6:30 pm – City Councilor Charles Tontar/City Councilors

6:35 pm – Newburyport Superintendent of Schools, Sean Gallagher

6:40 pm – Frank Cousins, President and CEO, Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce:  “Green Business”

                   Opportunities, Jobs and Introduction For Students”

6.50 pm – Newburyport High School Student Environmental Poetry


Auditorium:  Quick Talks 7 - 8 pm

7:00 pm – Charles Nutter, Manager Energy Sales, Nexamp: “What is Community Solar?”

7:30 pm – Mike Morris, Chair, Storm Surge, Co-Chair Newburyport Resiliency Committee: “Resiliency Planning”

Library Quick Talks:

Sessions: 4 to 6 pm AND 7 to 8 pm

Library:   Quick Talks 4-6 pm

4:00 pm – Debra Shepard, Riverstone Sustainability: "Newburyport's Community Carbon Footprint: 

                   How Are We Contributing to Climate Change?" 

4.25 pm – Charles Sinkler, Apex Green Roofs, Inc.: “Green Roofs”

4.50 pm – Michael Cappuccio, President-N.E,T.R., INC.:  “Air Source Heat Pumps”

5:15 pm – Betsy Goodrich,Transportation Planner, Merrimack Valley Planning Commission:  

                  “Local and Public Transportation, Bike Lanes and Sidewalks”

5:40 pm – Haley Belofsky, Solar Design Specialist, Revision Energy: “Whole House and Carbon Free”


Library:   Quick Talks 7 – 8 pm

7:00 pm – Linda Guthrie and Neal Shea National Grid/Mass Save: “Home Energy Efficiency”

7:30 pm – Molly Ettenborough and Christin Walth: “Newburyport Waste Initiatives”

7:45 pm – Newburyport High School students Noah Keller and Bailey Fogel- “The Future and Their Vision”

Gymnasium Exhibits: 4–8 pm
Cafeteria Catered Food & Displays: 4–7 pm
Visit The Repair Café: 4–8 pm


Be Sure To Check The Hallways For Student Posters, Art, Presentations, and Poems.

Our Speakers

Come join us at the Green Expo to hear how our city and state officials, business leaders, and other eco- friendly changemakers are leading the way toward a healthier and more sustainable Greater Newburyport.